Hello, I'm Zachary Horvath.

I'm a full-stack web designer, developer, and marketer. I love to write and create content, and I build websites that are fast, responsive, intuitive, and dynamic. You've found my secret portfolio — everything you want to know and more is here.

I bring digital visions to life across diverse industries by:

Designing and building websites
Integrating with back-end systems and databases
Creating custom content management systems
Developing e-commerce systems and online stores
Implementing responsive and mobile-friendly design
Optimizing website performance and speed
Testing and debugging web applications
Providing technical support and maintenance
Training clients on functionality
Executing strategies for driving growth



Joined Popshap 🖥️I signed with a talented team responsible for cutting-edge digital interactive touchscreen kiosks.

Joined edX 👨‍🏫I help students reach their full potential in the tech industry by working as a teaching assistant in a coding bootcamp, partnering with some of the world’s best institutions.


Joined HHAeXchange 👨‍💻I accepted a permanent role as Web Developer, joining a growing team whose mission is to provide better outcomes for patients who represent some of the most vulnerable and fragile members of our society.

Joined Fiverr 🌎I strategically expanded my freelance business, learning much about producing high-quality, efficient, and clean code for industry-diverse companies.